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As part of official control programmes against diseases in animals, various commercial reagents of diagnostic kits are used by approved laboratories.


It is the same for commercial kits used to control the presence of mycotoxins in food and agricultural products.


In order to standardise and co-ordinate the fight against animal diseases and the control of mycotoxins, those commercial reagents of diagnostic kits are certified by CODA-CERVA.

Kits control


This is done in two stages:

Stage 1: Certification of manufacturers/distributors in the strict sense. This stage comprises:

• an administrative assessment, in which the validation dossiers of manufacturers/distributors will be compared against minimum administrative criteria set by a committee of experts

• a technical assessment carried out by the appropriate CODA-CERVA reference laboratories, during which the diagnostic reagents used by manufacturers/distributors are compared against minimum technical criteria set by a committee of experts.


Stage 2: Checks of batches of diagnostic-kit reagents (Not for mycotoxins)ELISA kit


Every batch from each certified manufacturer/distributor that is used by an approved laboratory is checked by the CODA-CERVA Reference Laboratory.


This check is carried out within 20 working days after receipt of the batch, together with the form requesting an ad-hoc check.


The list of validated batches





Kris De Clercq Kits ELISA Bluetongue

Hein Imberechts Kits ELISA Salmonella pigs

Ann-Brigitte Caij Kits ELISA Enzootic bovine leucosis, Maladie d'Aujezski Disease and  IBR

David Fretin Kits ELISA Brucellosis

Marylène Tignon Kits ELISA Classical Swine fever

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Bart Huybrechts Kits Mycotoxins