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Tasks and Mission


The coordination department manages cross-cutting activities in close cooperation with the National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) of CODA-CERVA. The activities of this department are based on three pillars:

  • - The organisation of the flow of samples and related information:

    Dispatching guarantees an efficient flow of the samples and reporting of the results, and is also the point of contact for internal and external questions concerning practical information about samples.


    - The central organisation of Veterinary Diagnosis:

    This department is the SPOC for questions and reporting concerning Veterinary Diagnosis.

    It is also the central link between the different laboratories, the producers of veterinary kits, the government, the  NRLs and other parties for certification, batch control of veterinary reagents and cross-cutting projects and files in the broader scope of the diagnosis.


    - Crisis coordination
    This department manages the crisis scenario and coordinates the different actions in the event of an outbreak of an animal disease.




    NeoLIMS is a bilingual computer application that functions as a network and makes it possible to manage and trace all processes from registration of requests for analysis received by CODA-CERVA to the drafting of a test report, accompanied by an invoice.


    The different steps comprise the identification of the material to be analysed, the registration and possible preparation thereof, the distribution to the analysis laboratories, the handling by that laboratory up to the registration of the results with the subsequent gathering of data in a report which will be sent to the addressees. Each phase and each operation is registered so as to be able to control the entire system and to trace the samples flawlessly according to the ISO17.025 quality standards.


    The LIMS is an essential element of the Quality system, both for the monitoring of the samples and the certainty that the samples and the information are processed by authorised personnel.




    Head of the Unit

    Isabelle Behaeghel

    Composition of the Team

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