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Tasks and Mission

CODA-CERVA employees are hired under widely varying statuses: tenured government employees and tenured scientific employees, and contract government employees and ordinary contract employees.

The primary duty of our HRM department is to pursue a fair and consistent staffing and organisational policy that meets the requirements of the staff and organisation alike.

To achieve this, the HRM department has a team of six highly-motivated staff.

Confidentiality, impartiality, equity, respect of the law and transparency are key values in our department.

The department supervises the management of human resources. To perform its duties, it comprises four cells, which take on the following responsibilities:

  • Job Centre cell: recruitment and selection, welcoming new staff, changes, departures and outplacements, managing staff employment contracts;
  • Skills-development cell: integrating new staff, support and follow-up in the context of staff-development circles, advice relating to personal or team development, career advice, conflict management, Integral management;
  • Staff-motivation cell: initiatives aimed at staff job-satisfaction, internal HR communication, managing fringe benefits, collaborating with social services, SPF Public Health and the Safety of the food chain with the SIPP, the organisation of events for our employees in collaboration with the service Communication, etc;
  • Salary cell: payment of salaries, monitoring of work-service parameters, roster management, following up sickness absences, etc. Compliance with staff entitlements and obligations, drafting of contracts, monitoring of leave, appraisals, relations with the social secretariat, monitoring and applying public and private legislation, solutions to legal problems, etc.

The department also looks after welcoming visitors and customers, handles travel arrangements and meeting logistics.

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