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Tasks and Mission


The finance and management control department sees to correct and efficient data processing. These data are then analysed and provided as management information in reports and/or are used as a basis for making decisions.


The department thus controls a number of processes: purchasing and supplier administration, good storage and logistics, invoicing and customer administration, accounts and project management, and reporting management.


The department consists of a number of units that cooperate with each other:

  • The purchasing administration is responsible for an optimal supplier policy and the processing of investment and tender documents that are needed for the proper functioning of CODA-CERVA. Maintenance contracts are also followed up here.
  • The storeroom is responsible for the quality control of supplies, and for the storage and distribution of the delivered goods.
  • The customer administration ensures that all requests for research and analysis are charged correctly to the customers by CODA-CERVA, and sees that payment is made within the stipulated period.
  • The accounts and project management department sees to the administrative and financial processing of the projects and supports the monitoring of the projects for the operational services and management.


Finally, we get insights in the results of CODA-CERVA, the draft of the budget and financial analysis via reporting management.


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