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Tasks and Mission

The purpose of biosafety, i.e. the safety measures to be taken when working with infectious biological material, is to protect the members of the staff against laboratory-related infections and to prevent any and all contamination of the environment.

For CODA-CERVA, the biosafety strategy is focused on specific risks of handling infectious to highly infectious pathogens for animals and zoonotic agents of risk class 1 to 4.

CODA-CERVA has developed various specific instruments in order to implement all (international, national and regional) legislation and instructions in its laboratories and breeding farms, in particular appropriate scientific supervision and a training plan for the staff, high quality facilities in Uccle and Machelen, and a biosafety manual with appropriate procedures.

The supervision is provided by the biosafety unit which consists of a biosafety officer working in cooperation with the biosafety committee (itself composed of representatives of the departments that work with pathogens) and the office of biosafety (in coordination with the Infrastructure and Quality departments).

The biosafety officer's tasks include in particular the management of biosafety permits and procedures, coordination, development and monitoring of risk analyses, scientific support for the staff and management on biosafety, training courses, audits and maintaining contacts with the official authorities concerning biosafety.