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Research theme : Environment, health and safety of the food-chain

The purpose of this multi-discplinary research theme is to identify and assess existing and emerging risks related to the safety of the food-chain.


Environment, health and safety of the food-chain
Food production can be threatened from various environmental compartments: air, soil and water.

Environmental pollution and climate change - means a threat to the food-chain, but also the entire food processing from farm to fork may introduce safety risks for the consumer.

The ‘Environment, Health and Safety of the Food Chain' unit performs research into the identification and evaluation of emerging risks due to ‘new' contaminants (endocrine disruptors, nanoparticles...) that may enter the food chain due to environmental pollution or during food processing (air, water, plants, animal production, packaging materials...)

Problems for food safety and the consequences for human and animal health may arise from contamination at the source of food and feed production (through soil, air or water pollution), but also the dynamics and transfers in the entire food chain, toxicology, epidemiology, risk-analysis, etc. are a subject of the investigations at CODA-CERVA.

In view of the complexity and multiple disciplines and expertise involved, these issues are investigated in collaboration with other scientific institutions, mostly in the context of externally-funded research programs.

Environment, health and safety of the food-chainA number of issues that have arisen thus far include:
- Risks associated with novel foods and food supplements (FOODINTER)
- How safe is it to use waste-water for agricultural production? (SLUDGE, FERTIDIOX)
- Does ozone pollution have an effect on the food and feed quality of brassica crops? (OFFQ)
- Risk of endocrine disrupting compounds in food e.g. through migration from food contact materials (ALTPOLYCARB)
- Endocrine dsirupting effects of food contaminants (phtalates, mycotoxins) (ENDOMYCO)