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History of CODA-CERVA

CODA-CERVA had its origins in a coincidence of circumstances during the first decade of the last century. For several days the quarantine sheds at the port of Antwerp had housed a troop of zebu from India that were infected with rinderpest. When, some little time later, those very same sheds served to accommodate cattle raised in America, this became the start of a further wave of a highly virulent strain of rinderpest. Forty years after being completely eliminated from European territory, in 1920 rinderpest staged a dramatic comeback in our land.



This sad affair clearly showed the need to have a Belgian laboratory capable of making swift diagnoses. In order to safeguard animal health and hence public health as well, it was essential to establish such a laboratory, which came to be in 1930 , which was later (1957) called INRV (National Instiute for Veterinary Research).

The origin of LCR ( Laboratory for Chemical Research ) dates back to 1912 when a laboratory was founded at the economics department of the Museum of Belgian Congo. In 1928, a Royal Decree under the Ministry for the Colonies established the laboratory as the "Laboratory for chemical and onialogical research for the Belgian Congo".Tervuren 1976


Its tasks include the chemical study of Congolese natural products.

Tervuren 1976


After the independence of the Congo the Laboratory was transferred to the Directorate General for Agricultural research of the Ministry for Agriculture.Thus the research was aimed at chemical problems that confronted agriculture. Since the 70s the Laboratory has also been studying environmental problems.


In 1997, the merger between the National Veterinary Research Institute ( INRV ) and Chemical Research Institute ( IRC) took place.

Directeur René Willems 1951

CODA-CERVA was the offspring of this marriage, which nowadays brings four operational directorates together, namely: ''Viral diseases'', ''Bacterial diseases'', ''Interactions and monitoring'' and "Chemical safety of the food chain".


History - CODA-CERVA