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Project Colistine : Prevalence of colistin resistance and of mcr-1 gene amongst enterobacteria from animals, humans and the environment (BAPCOC)

Duration of the project

  • Starting date : 01/04/2016
  • Ending date : 30/09/2017

Operational Direction

Bacterial Diseases

Operational Service


Role of CODA-CERVA in this project :



Recently an acquired Polymyxin resistance gene, mrc-1, was identified in a swine Escherichia coli strain. This mrc-1 gene is present on a transferable plasmid, raising the question of contamination from one host to another (cattle, humans, pig, poultry).


The general objective of this project is therefore to use genetic tests (colony hybridisation, PCR, plasmid transfer, sequencing) to compare animal, human and environment strains of commensal and pathogenic enteric bacteria resistant to colestin (MIC> 2 microg/ml; EUCAST standard), as regards the mcr-1 gene present, the plasmid that carries gene and the resistant strains themselves so as to understand the dissemination and selection risks.



CODA-CERVA scientist responsible for this project:Pierre Wattiau



External partners

WIV-ISP (Scientific Institute of Public Health)


Source of funding