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Epizone Workshop on NGS Applications & bioinformatics


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From 4 to 8 april 2016 the CODA-CERVA's service "Moleculair Plateforme" organized an international workshop « Epizone Workshop on NGS Applications & bioinformatics ».


The workshop aimed to provide a beginner's level introduction to Next Generation Sequencing technologies (NGS) and NGS applications in veterinary virology, including data analysis and bioinformatics aspects. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics was required. A mix of theoretical lectures and practical bioinformatics sessions on model datasets provided participants with proper insights to allow planning of NGS projects and further self-study. This information was supplemented with in-depth case-study presentations by members of the epi-SEQ project, explaining the rationale behind experimental design, technology selection, bioinformatics workflow choices, etc. In total, 20 participants were present and 8 invited experts shared their insights in NGS and bioinformatics.


For more information on this workshop, click here to access the Epizone Webpage.