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Medical analyses (Clinical biology)

1. Brucellosis

As the National Reference Centre (NRC) for human brucellosis, CODA-CERVA carries out clinical biology analyses to bring to light Brucella infections in humans.

The available analyses are the serological confirmation by ELISA and by Rose Bengal, the bacteriological isolation and the (conventional and molecular) typing of Brucella sp.

Owing to our status of NRC, these analyses are not invoiced to the prescribing physician.

A disease card concerning human brucellosis is available on the websites for reporting of communicable diseases of the Wallon region ( of the Flemish region (link).



Taken under the conditions set out in the sampling manual and accompanied by their completed analysis request form, the samples can be deposited at the CODA-CERVA every business day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or sent by post.

The shipping and transport conditions must correspond to the biosecurity standards in force as described in the manual.

2. Other infectious diseases

The analysis request form for the different brucellosis infections is available here.


Additional information are available on the following websites :