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As part of the duties assigned by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain ( FASFC), CODA-CERVA's research programs and requests from our other customers (public and private laboratories, universities, private companies, veterinary doctors, private individuals), Dispatching carries out the tasks of:

Dispatching CODA CERVA
  • Accepting samples for analysis and distributing them (after any necessary wrapping / packaging) to analysis laboratories in a suitable format, together with the list of tests to be carried out (see request for analysis (only available in French or Dutch), and special packaging),
  • Drafting and preparing reports of tests for despatch and sending those reports out to customers,
  • Receiving visitors and facilitating attention to them by their CODA-CERVA contact person,
  • Providing manning of telephones during service hours


The four tasks are attended to jointly, with further constraints on compliance with quality standards as well as shortest possible processing times, irrespective of the circumstances (time of the year, workload).


Service hours at Reception and Dispatching are the same: each working day from 08.00 to 17.00hrs.


Outside those hours, an out-of-hours duty service is provided by the concierges.


The handling of samples outside the above normal hours can be accepted only for analyses that are provided as part of official disease-control programs.