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Research theme : Epidemiology and risk analysis

Epidemiology and risk analysisAdditionally to the daily duties with emphasis on the coordination and harmonization of the veterinary diagnostics (quality assurance and PT provider), granted research is an important cornerstone of the CDD-ERA unit in CODA-CERVA.


The CDD-ERA unit strongly cooperates in different fields of research within CODA-CERVA (Bacteriology, Virology and Chemistry) as well as with other scientific institutes and/or universities outside the unit at national and international level.


The aim of the research activities is to give scientific advice and to help with decisions making related to animal health and food safety. Therefore we support an integrated scientific approach (agricultural sector, perception of stakeholders - farmers, industry and consumers- and food industry) and combine veterinary and medical epidemiology, risk assessment to sustain the concept of food safety from the farm to the fork as well as agricultural and health economy.


  • Quantification of disease transmission,
  • Statistical analysis of experimental, observational and disease outbreak data,Epidemiology and risk analysis
  • Risk assessment of epidemic, zoonotic and (re)emerging diseases,
  • Evaluation of implemented monitoring and surveillance programmes for epidemic, enzootic and zoonotic diseases.


Yves Van der Stede

Marc Dispas

Estelle Meroc

Sarah Welby

Flavien Riocreux

Sophie Roelandt