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Malta fever, Mediterranean fever, Undulant fever, Bang's disease


  • The Brucella genus is classified among the proteobacteria, into the class of alphaprotein bacteria and the order of rhizobials.
  • Notifiable Disease: Yes, in the animal kingdom.


BrucellosisThe causal agent in Malta fever was first demonstrated in humans in 1887 by an English military doctor based in Malta, Captain David Bruce. The bacterium was subsequently detected in many species of mammal. The genus is itself divided into 9 species of Brucella; classification is based upon different host-specificity.


Brucellosis is an endemic zoonosis in many countries: it affects bovine, caprine, ovine and porcine species. It is characterised by chronic infection in the animal, resulting in spontaneous abortions and reproductive problems. In humans, it triggers a fever-like syndrome that can lead to serious complications (endocarditis, encephalitis, arthritis).


Human infection takes place principally after ingesting contaminated dairy products, or during contact with runts or animals that had recently given birth. The disease is also found in wild land animals (wild boar, reindeer, hares) and marine (seals, cetaceans). Contact with wild fauna can also be a source of infection of man.


Belgium is free of bovine, ovine and porcine brucellosis. However, the infection is present in its endemic state in wild boar. In this case, however, the zoonotic risk is low, since the strain found in wild boar is not virulent in humans. In Belgium, a few cases are reported in humans each year; in most cases they are people who have recently returned from abroad.


CODA-CERVA is the reference-point laboratory for both human and animal aspects of brucellosis.h25 a2 12


Our laboratory is able to perform the isolation, culture and biochemical and molecular typing of Brucella. We are also well versed in the various benchmark serological tests. The laboratory took part successfully in international ring-tests, and received ISO 17025 certification in bacteriology and serology.


Our laboratory is involved in the aspect of false-positive serological reactions and in developing molecular typing methods.


We have mastered all the techniques of diagnosing brucellosis: this expertise is put to good use in maintaining Belgium's status as free of the disease. It is also used in collaboration with developing countries, and to study brucellosis in wild fauna (marine and terrestrial mammals).


David Fretin


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