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General Direction



Dr. Pierre Kerkhofs, General Director

Phone +32(0)2 379 06 00

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Management Assistant : Anja Matthys

Phone: +32(0)2 379 05 93

Fax : +32(0)2 379. 04.01





Dr Pierre Kerkhofs holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, awarded by the University of Liège in 1986.

Following a Bachelor's degree in molecular biology and biology at the ULB, from which he graduated in 1992, he received his D.Sc in 1996.
In addition to his scientific training, he has also received management training. He graduated from the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Middle Management Programme in 2004.

He started his career in research as a volunteer at CODA-CERVA, then called the INRV, in December 1986.

After receiving a research grant from the IRSIA, he started as statutory executive in 1989.

He initially focused on brucellosis, followed by virology with a focus on bovine leucose, IBR and BVD. He is author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. He was appointed head of the Virology department in 1999.

Since July 7th 2006, he has been exercising his first term as CODA-CERVA General manager. This mandate has been renewed in july 2012.

His career at CODA-CERVA is characterised by a great diversity in collaborations, both with the Federal Public Service and the FAFSC, and with Belgian and international veterinary scientific circles.

CODA-CERVA's mission and mode of operation are one of his main concerns; indeed, thanks to its research, expertise and provision of services, CODA-CERVA plays a central role in guaranteeing food chain safety and animal health, but also in protecting citizens from various microbiological threats.

Two topics amongst many, are of particular interest to him:

  • the impact of animal pathogens on human health, either through their direct impact on health (zoonoses), or indirectly, through socioeconomic factors.
  • the impact on human health of contaminants appearing during the different food production steps.