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Alongside its scientific research work, CODA-CERVA plays a major role as a service-provider for veterinary and agro-chemical biological analyses.


This role is organised in various areas of special skills, depending on the context in which the analysis is requested, and the uses to which the results are to be put.


CODA CERVA Provision of servicesCODA-CERVA is able to position itself as a provider of biological analyses and agro-chemical analyses, just like other laboratories, but also as National and/or International Reference Laboratory, depending on the disease or issue being addressed.


This Reference Laboratory role covers a vast range of skills: official diagnosis, confirmation or invalidation of diagnostic tests performed by another laboratory (second-line diagnosis), control of diagnostic kits, control for batch release of vaccine, organisation ofproficiency tests .


These multiple skills are targeted specifically at different customer profiles.


CODA-CERVA principal customers are the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain ( FASFC) for whom the duties of diagnostic back-up are supplemented by issuing expert opinions and epidemiological back-up for various control programs, or for the official fight against animal diseases.

Within this official context, the complementarity of diagnostic tasks and research makes it possible to identify CODA-CERVA as a Centre of Expertise, to which numerous parliamentary questions are referred.

By descreasing numerical order of number of analyses requested, our largest customers are then public-health monitoring laboratories in Flanders (Dierengezondheidszorg Vlaanderen (DGZ)) and Wallonia (Association Régionale de Santé et d'Identification Animales (ARSIA)).

CODA-CERVA Prestations de services


Then come faculty departments at the universities of Ghent and Liege, private companies (in particular pharmaceutical firms), veterinary doctors and private individuals.


The entire process of biological analyses and reporting is surveyed by the Quality Management department, which ensures compliance with standards (ISO 17025) from the time of receiving samples through to Dispatching, their traceability at analysis laboratories, and drafting / dispatching test reports to customers.